Payton Altman
As a musician, my goal is to communicate with music what words cannot adequately express. No matter the musical setting, whether secular or sacred, there is always an important message to convey. Finding a way to transmit that message is my passion. I have been fortunate to have several experiences that span over a variety of musical genres. Working in jazz, country, musical theater and gospel music settings have given me a unique palette and toolkit to contribute in any musical arena. As a pianist, I have performed with artists like Taranda Greene and Charles Billingsley, as well as recorded with some of Nashville’s finest studio musicians and even performed at the inauguration celebration for the governor of Ohio. My orchestrations and arrangements have been recorded and performed by the Nashville String Machine and Northwest Florida Symphony, accompanying artists like Sharon Walker, Ty Herndon, Angie Primm and others. I have been honored to work with producers such as Geron Davis, Trey Ivey and Wayne Haun. In my college years, I have served with the Voices of Lee as a singer, pianist and student director. As a music director, I have experience conducting and playing several musicals and serving as a conductor’s assistant. My education includes studying with musical heroes such as Danny Murray, David Dabbon and Bradley Knight as well as a B.S. in Music Business from Lee University in Cleveland, TN.